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The Shrouded ORder

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Who we are...

The Shrouded Order combines the drama of escape rooms, the puzzle solving of RPG games and the intricate mysteries of a Dan Brown novel

The Shrouded Order is a new concept by Wolfe & Smith called EAAS – Experience as a Service™. The concept is the merging of two worlds – Augmented Reality and real-life – where you can experience, touch and feel. A curated crate, historical sites, and an augmented reality mobile app guide the entire experience. This allows the player to live an unforgettable real-life mystery adventure. This project is currently is the pre-funding stage. We will be moving to a crowd sourced platform soon, so please sign-up for our email list so that you can be one of the first backers. 


 We are passionate experience architects, designers, and innovators that have worked for large companies to remove something that we feel is an important attribute in people's lives. We've helped remove real-life human interaction, communication, and empathy from the everyday lives of people all over the world. Therefore, we are now merging experience design through the use of technology, Augmented Reality, and a real-life adventure - with hopes that we will be designing a experience of a lifetime that is unforgettable, intelligent, engaging, fun, challenging and will bring back real human interactions and real-life adventures. Oh, and we love what we do.